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If you have every felt a bit confused, lost or frustrated between training lessons, you are not alone! The forum, is our answer to this common experience. We want our members to feel supported every step of the way, so that your training is always moving forward. Our forum is brand new, can only be accessed by members, and a great way to receive personalized coaching and feedback as often as you like!

Get personalized advice.

 Every case is unique from the behaviors presented, to the goals you have for your pet. The coaching and guidance you receive should be personalized to set you and your pet up for success. Share your goals, experience and more using the forum and receive personalized coaching, feedback and advice unique to you and your pet.

Share videos for feedback.

To get the most out of your training, we recommend recording videos of your pet's behavior, your training sessions and practice sessions. This not only provides a great way to track your pet's progress and see even the subtlest changes more clearly over time, it also allows you to continue to receive personalized coaching outside of live training sessions such as lessons or office hours. The forum makes it easy to share videos, by allowing you to embed them directly into your post so that you can ask questions, share stories and more in addition to your videos. 

Instructions for uploading videos will appear on the side of the page, whenever you are creating a new post.

Progress at your pace, no more waiting.

Members can expect to receive a response at least 1x per day Monday-Friday containing feedback, suggestions for next steps, and more! You spend every day with your pet, changes may develop suddenly. The forum ensures that you have access to support, advice and instructions as often as you like, to set you and your pet up for success. No more waiting a week or more between lessons to get the next set of instructions!

Explore content, and access a community.

It is my hope that this forum will foster a supportive and connected community. At this time, the program is very new however growing every day. Feel free to explore each other's posts, comment with encouragement and support, make friends, and learn from one another as well. The forum is a safe space, and will be thoroughly monitored to maintain this. 

Can posts be about more than training?

Absolutely, this forum is a safe place to host, share and foster discussion on a wide variety of topics. As content increases I will organize posts into categories for easier navigation, however you are not restricted to posting within existing categories. Feel free to ask questions, share articles, resources, products you like, stories, and more. 

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