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Terms & Conditions

Below are the general terms and conditions for participating in services, products and activities offered by Sara Richter, CDBC.

I, hereafter “Client”, have enrolled myself and my dog(s) in services, products or activities offered by Sara Richter, CDBC, and hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to the following:

A. Assumption of Risk. I certify that I have been informed and understand that there is always some unavoidable risk of injury involved when working with animals. I acknowledge that animals can be inherently difficult to control, and may result  in the possibility of injury to myself, my dog(s), my family members, or third parties. I hereby accept and assume, without reservation, all risks associated with my participation in services and activities provided by Sara Richter, CDBC, including their employees, contractors, and representatives, including, but not limited to: the risks of any and all injuries to myself, my dog(s) and any of my family members or third parties who may come into contact with my dog(s); the risks that my dog(s) may cause injury to other persons and/or animals; and understand that these risks may extend outside of the time of service.


B. Client Responsibilities. I understand and agree that it is critical to my  success that I cooperate fully in completing all services scheduled and recommended for my dog(s) and implement all suggestions, homework, and recommendations provided. If I am unable to complete the assigned homework 24 hours before a scheduled appointment, I will contact Sara Richter, CDBC to make necessary adjustments. I understand that failure to incorporate the suggestions, homework, and recommendations will inhibit progress; and that if I do not alert Sara Richter, CDBC in a timely manner, the lesson may be used to catch up before training may advance further. I understand and agree that the safety of my dog(s) and those surrounding my dog(s) is my responsibility. I understand and agree that I am responsible for maintaining my dog(s)’s training practice, pursuant to Sara Richter, CDBC's instruction.


C. Limitations. I understand that Sara Richter, CDBC will be providing virtual coaching and instruction via video chat (Zoom/Facetime/Google Meet), review of recorded video footage, chat message and email; and that my dog(s) will remain in my care, custody and control at all times during the term of service. I understand and agree that not all behaviors are trainable or modifiable to the same extent and that the ability to train an animal to an acceptable level of performance may be dictated by factors beyond the control of Sara Richter, CDBC. Such factors may include, but are not limited to; age, previous conditioning, genetics, physical and psychological health, individual temperament, length of the training schedule, and Client involvement and commitment. Sara Richter, CDBC, including their employees, contractors, and representatives, shall not be held responsible for undesired outcomes due to limitations.


D. Liability. As lawful consideration for participating in the services, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors and assigns (the “Releasing Party”), hereby waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue and to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Sara Richter, CDBC and their members, managers, agents, and employees (the “Released Party”) from any and all injuries, losses, claims, and damages to any person or persons of any nature whatsoever, and all costs associated therewith, including attorney’s fees, court costs, and consultant fees, arising from my participation in services, products and activities.


E. Fees. Fees are due upon enrollment or booking, or on your monthly renew date if enrolled in a subscriptions plan.


F. Cancellation/No-Show. Cancellation less than 24-hours prior to the start of a scheduled appointment or failure to show to a scheduled appointment will be billed as a completed service. 


G. Membership. Membership plans are billed monthly on a recurring schedule. I understand that I may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my plan at any time. Upgrades will apply immediately, downgrades and cancellation will occur at the start of the next billing cycle. Membership benefits expire at the end of the billing cycle, and remaining credits will not roll over into the following month. Discount is offered in this format to ensure prompt and regular scheduling. In the cases of extreme circumstances please reach out to Sara Richter, CDBC to discuss what option may be available to you should you miss a credit session. If a session is rescheduled or cancelled by Sara Richter, CDBC, you will receive an extension to your membership equal to the time missed.


H. Online Courses: You will retain access to the self-study materials included in online courses for 1 year following the date of enrollment. All services included with the online course must be booked within 1 year. Refunds will only be given in the event that a participant has completed all coursework and appointments as recommended, and no change to the dog's behavior occurred. Although this has never happened, I want participants to be reassured that there will be no wasted money when investing in my services.

I. Private Training Lessons Included in Online Course Packages. Private training lessons included in online course packages should be scheduled as soon as possible to ensure adequate flexibility and accessibility in scheduling. 

J. Groups. Groups are a private social media platform hosted by my site, accessible by invitation only that aims to bring together participants from the courses to connect, make friends, experience a supportive community, share their experiences and more. To maintain a safe and private space for participants to express themselves honestly and openly, I ask that participants do not share personal or identifying information about participants in the group outside of the group. Please keep discourse respectful and kind. Anyone who is threatening the safety and privacy of the group, engaging in bullying or harassment, or behaving in ways that are unkind will be removed from the group immediately.

K. Consent to Email & SMS Communication. I hereby consent and acknowledge that I am signing up to receive email, and SMS notifications from Sara Richter, CDBC including their employees, contractors, and representatives regarding services, appointments, and updates.


 L. Media Consent. I understand that video-chat appointments will be recorded for the purposes of record keeping and review. I understand and acknowledge that footage (including stills, clips, etc.) from my sessions will not be shared publicly without my permission, which may be provided in the form of an electronically signed release form, or in writing via email or other messaging format.


M. The Federal and State courts located in Lake County, IL shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising under the terms of this agreement.This agreement shall be legally binding on the Releasing Party. Should the Releasing Party assert a claim contrary to this agreement, the claiming party shall be liable for all expenses (including attorney’s fees, court costs and consultant fees) incurred by both the Releasing Party and the Released Party.


N. I represent that I am at least 18 years of age.

No waiver or modification of any provision herein shall be valid unless expressly agreed to in writing by both the Released Party and the Releasing Party. Every provision herein is intended to be severable. If any one or more of the provisions herein is found to be unenforceable or invalid, that shall not affect the other terms and provisions hereof, which shall remain binding and enforceable.

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