Low-Cost Zoom Lesson Packages

I am launching this low-cost program as a trial on a limited basis, if it proves to be helpful in making training and behavioral care more accessible, I will consider expanding the program. The appointments will be 30 minutes each and held over Zoom. After the session participants will receive a copy of the recording of the session to review and follow along with for practice. I will be accepting the following case types: 

  • Anxiety/Fearfulness (Generalized, Sound, Separation, Phobias, Etc.)

  • Reactivity (On Walks or In-Home)

  • High-Energy, High-Arousal

  • Repetitive or Compulsive Behaviors (Barking, Digging, Licking, Chewing, Persistent Scavenging, Ingestion of Non-Food Objects, Etc.)

  • Cooperative Care (Muzzle Training, Nail Trimming, Grooming, Handling, Exam, Vaccines, Etc.) 

  • Nuisance Behaviors 

  • Manners & Obedience

  • Tricks, Fitness, Brain Games, & Fun.

These sessions are best for clients who are committed to working with their pets, and looking for coaching on how to do so. In order to provide these sessions at a low-cost rate, I had to remove the time I spend creating personalized homework, Instead, if supplemental information is needed between sessions, I will provide you with resources such as youtube videos, 



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