My trainer said that my dog will need "management" forever, what does that mean?

Owners of animals displaying undesirable behaviors, are often frustrated and

disheartened to hear similar statements. What does management mean, and how will it effect you and your pet?

Management is anything that we do to actively prevent an undesirable outcome. For example, leashing your pet near a busy road, or closing the gate in your yard so your pet does not escape, are all examples of management that we perform reflexively without a second thought. Management is an inherent part of owning a pet, and it does not always represent a monumental shift in effort, restriction, or a change in quality of life for either you or your pet.

The need for management is not a sign of a poor prognosis, instead a commitment to effective management improves prognosis. Management and prevention strategies are most helpful when they fit seamlessly into our daily lives.

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