Dog Training


  • Starting, Managing or Growing a Training Business.
  • Preparing for and Pursuing Certification.​
  • Expanding and Refining your Knowledge Base and Skill Set. 
  • Getting Started with Behavior Consulting.
  • Creating Behavior Management, Modification and Training Plans.
  • Developing Systems to Set You and Your Clients Up for Success.
  • Creating, and Executing New Services & Programs.
  • Troubleshooting Cases.
  • & More!

During the last 15 years of my career....

I have owned and managed my training business, from the beginning as an independent contractor, to growing into a training facility operating at capacity offering a rehabilitative daycare program, training classes, and private training consultations and lessons. Just before the pandemic I closed my facility with plans to move to a new property. The pandemic pushed me to build my dream practice online, where I can help others all over the world and has provided me with an entirely new perspective on what is possible with an unconventional business format. I have handled every component of my business, from marketing, to client relations, systems, and more. Throughout my career I have also worked for and alongside other training businesses, giving me additional insight into other formats, systems, etc.

I have extensive experience applying learning theory to create species specific plans using evidence-based strategies to manage and modify the behaviors of animals. I have successfully resolved complex behavioral complaints including, multi-bite aggression cases both human and dog directed, resource guarding, fear based behaviors, arousal-based behaviors, stereotypic and ritualistic behaviors, and so much more. 

For years I have worked with others to prepare for certification and accreditation, expand their knowledge and skillsets, dive into the world of training and behavior consulting, manage and grow their training business, collaborate on cases, and more. I am happy to provide consultation on a case by case basis, or a more formal goal-oriented mentorship structure in which we work collaboratively toward reaching your goals. 

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