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Choice-Based Communication™ for Reactive Dogs

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Reactivity is a term that we use informally to describe a variety of intense, out-of-proportion, over-reaction behaviors a dog may perform in response to a particular trigger such as other dogs, people, etc. This can look like whining, growling, barking, lunging, jumping, snapping, biting, etc. But, labeling a behavior as reactive does not tell us WHY that dog is performing that behavior. This course will guide dog owners through a new learner-centered approach to addressing reactive behavior that is humane, force-free, based on positive reinforcement techniques, and effective! The goal of this course is to increase your pet's tolerance of triggers and develop skills to enjoy calm and manageable walks by: - Cultivating agency and communication to reduce and prevent frustration which may contribute to arousal. - Developing a better understanding of your pet's unique needs and preferences. - Developing a cooperative system that allows you and your pet to safely co-pilot the walk. - Cultivating muscle memory so that emergency handling strategies will feel easy and automatic. Please note that this cost includes only the self-paced online course materials. Personalized coaching is available at an additional cost as needed.

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  • Sara Richter, CDBC

    Sara Richter, CDBC

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