Dog owners, do you...

1. Have a dog that whines, barks, pulls, lunges, jumps, or snaps at triggers such as other humans, dogs, cars, etc.?

2. Adore your dog, and feel frustrated or confused that they can be loving, intelligent and relaxed at home, but act crazy in some places or situations?

3. Feel stressed, embarrassed, or anxious about encountering your pet's triggers?

I can help.

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A new and innovative approach to addressing reactive behavior that is humane, force-free., based in positive reinforcement techniques and effective!

Self-study materials allows you to get started right away and work at your pace!

Get the support you need with private coaching through a variety of options.

Starting at $350

(or $35 per month for 12 months)

Online Course

Reactivity on Walks - A Learner Centered Approach

I have helped pet owners all over the world to...

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Sara is a real professional who knows her stuff. She's not just someone who's good with dogs because of her experience and intuition, she also understands the nitty gritty science behind dog behavior and can explain it to you in as much detail as you like! But she's not dogmatic or condescending like some trainers are, and she doesn't make you feel bad if you've made a mistake or have a different point of view. I had a Zoom session with her and follow her on social media and she's helped me so much with my puppy who was biting me (hard!) during playtime and walks and constantly eating gross stuff off the ground. Highly recommend!

Dog's Portrait

“I was a skeptic about using video-chat for dog training. I have taken my now 6 year old australian shepherd to many classes and worked with a few trainers coming to my home. I am so glad I gave Sara a chance because IT WORKS and I absolutely LOVE it! Working from home gives me so much flexibility (and I don’t have to panic clean the entire house before someone comes over)! Instead we work in isolated areas of my home, or we take the sessions outside using my phone. The instruction is great, and I feel like I am learning to be an excellent trainer as he is listening to me better than he ever has!

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...Someone suggested Sara, so we set up an initial consultation. WOW !! Not only did our dog notably change in that half hour, but we learned an incredible amount of how dogs process information. Sara also changed our way of thinking, from trying to get our dog to obey, to guiding our dog into making her own good choices so obedience isn’t the issue. All this via POSITIVE reinforcement.

Sara is patient, informative, not condescending toward either the owner or the dog, and provides a ton of information and resources...I highly recommend Sara to anyone who wants to improve or enhance their pet’s behavior.”